Reader meet Artist:

Garcia, a native Angelino brings both darkness and vibrancy to his work, utilizes his paintbrush as a vessel to bring audiences on a journey towards discovery. His works tell stories that range from vanity and consumerism, to freedom and love.  For critics and art enthusiasts alike, the experience of viewing Garcia’s work is as much about connecting to the artist’s vision as it to one’s own beliefs and feelings.


Best known for his infatuation with lines, each of Garcia’s brush strokes serve a purpose; capturing unique emotions one moment at a time. Garcia believes, “lines have their own life.” With this mantra, it becomes clear why all of his work is so unique.


His on-canvas stories challenge the status quo. They spark changes in the ways that people engage with art. To date, Garcia’s work has been on display in both solo and group exhibitions across the United States and Mexico. Additionally, Garcia has garnered media coverage and reviews from countless national publications and news outlets – receiving acclaim for his heartfelt and powerful work.



"Living in DTLA , It  seems like art is stagnant, hard to describe  the L.A. scene. Possibly because of the construction and gentrification. Artist are moving out of LA. Its getting more expensive and there is no sanctaury."

Still, Garcia’s focus remains on the means in which he best expresses himself to world – using the canvas as a platform to address sensitive topics, explore the depths of his truth, inspire others to think freely, and to create a meaningful legacy through his painting.