Eliot Eames Saarinen’s work is driven by a passion for nature and an exploration of our inclination to process and disconnect. Using conventional items in an unconventional way, he challenges the viewer to appreciate everyday objects not for their utilitarian use,  but to appreciate them as an organic art form. Historically, his process has included melting candles, caramelizing sugar,  staining cotton pads, and even steeping teabags — to tranform these everyday items into a new visual framework. He takes his process one step further by adding a very unnatural material which holds the elements together. What emerges is a contrast between the fundamental and inorganic; the primitive and the synthetic.


As a skateboarder, Saarinen’s artistic career was forged in a decade-long exploration of street art and graffiti. A place where creation and destruction, temporary and permanent, are inexorably intertwined. Throughout his youth, he used spray paint, etch bath markers, marsh brushes and roller paint around his Los Angeles neighborhood.


Fueled by an unyielding curiosity, Saarinen explores human rituals and habits as told through his manipulation of the familiar. With his abstract works on canvas, Saarinen continues to examine mankind’s relationship to the natural world. The pieces, strikingly beautiful, possess a quiet power that engages the viewer and invites interpretation.