"I have been exploring the idea of incorporating certain types of icons and symbols together with different subjects and perceptions on what normally is represented in everyday life."


"I want to create my own Allegory. To explore these icons that have become ingrained in our lives with a new perspective. I'm trying to project on each of my pieces on how to tell a unique story on how I view my world."


Everyday there are challenges in life that will test us. We have the opportunity to decide on good and bad, a situation that is uncomfortable or another that can be pleasant and agreeable. Life sometimes can be unproductive, boring and inactive. Whatever you decide how prolific life can be is part of being human. My artwork is there to satisfy your thoughts and provoke emotions of hope and simply to ll that void that needs

restoration. You might call that empty space a spiritual decit, in my opinion. I believe in this modern society that there are challenges, a hill to climb and a spiritual essence

that we need to be aware of. My paintings are the very nature of rediscovery, whether in 3 or 30 years , each piece has a subliminal concept and message that can be mearly

imprinted in a person’s mind and a reflection of mental growth. Like a mirror, who accepts truth without judgment and that can change the perception of reality, this

is the soul of my work. My depictions are very similar to those of a music conductor. The pour of paint on a canvas, the tame of expressing a conscious thought and the rhythm of my brush is the baton to communicate ideas. The lines that I create are obsessive and have a life of their own. Every score, dash comes with an emotion and a recorded feeling in a spontaneous moment that is visibly captured in time.



My obsession is with lines. Lines in my opinion have their own life,

every inch of a line is a recorded emotion that was expressed

in that moment, in the now, in that present situation, like a visible

emotion that was captured in time.”