Wyatt Mills’ paintings can at times be a full on assault on your senses. These are not passive compositions. His work is visceral. A rage. An expression of modernity while rendering an analysis of our anxieties, neuroses and complexes. With such a rich vein to mine he continues to push the envelope, challenging the viewer to contemplate what is found to be hideous or captivating- in a voyeuristic way. Mills’ aggressive brush strokes and bold colors confront the viewer, shaking them out of their passive role. It’s almost like he wants a reaction, wants you to scream back.


“I want viewers to walk away with a loss of social reservation and an expansion of their inner dialogue. I want them to privately debate which social boundaries they find hideous, captivating, offensive, or attractive, and then explore why the taboo was in their head in the first place.”


Mills is trying to break out of the way paintings are traditionally constructed - with logic, and a solid, cohesive structure. His creations are meant to evoke individual reactions and interpretations that can be as telling and revealing of one's subliminal mindset as a psychologist's inkblot test. Mills' other bodies of work seem to reflect a manic, paranoid, political satire. Confrontational, with layers of potential meanings, Mills' work is not for the faint of heart.


“I do not want to paint a picture, what I am struggling to accomplish is how to create an image that is not perceived as a picture, but looks like a memory, or an experience. I want to incorporate movement, space, emotion, and a sense of instability. What I am dealing with is how I perceive my reality.”