Alex Tovar

Alex Tovar (Alejandro Barraza- Tovar) was born in the beautiful state of Jalisco, Mexico. He moved to California at the tender age of 2 and grew up  with very humble beginnings in “ The Projects”of Los Angeles, CA. At the age of 14 he discovered two things that fascinated him Art and Science. Reaching out through his art and scientific interests it was a perfect escape to another world. Having no formal artistic lessons and no one in his family having this background his talent came organically.                                                                                                                                                                                        

His aspiration as a teenager was to become an Atomic Engineer. He picked up his first camera from Life Magazine and shot a poultry house in Chinatown as his first photo shoot. Combining his interests of art and science Alex formulated a method to all of his artistic madness. Alex’s 20 years of shooting have ripened and polished his concepts behind the camera. In his photography Alex specializes in stunning lighting techniques and truly appreciates iconic lighting styles from the past. He has worked along sides some of the biggest names in the industry such as: David LaChapelle, Neil Kirk, Andrew Macpherson, Jerry Avenaim, Robert Ferrone, Adam Weiss, etc.                                                                                            

“ Atomic Surrealism” is Alex Tovar’s approach to a sexually scientific surreal world that is brought to life through his paintings. His paintings are a journey through many stages in his mind and psyche.
Alex Tovar currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.